LDS Technologies U.K. Generator Sets

Quality Policy

It is the policy of LDS Technologies to maintain company standards and procedures to ensure that both goods and services provided meet with complete customer satisfaction.

This is achieved by ensuring that the exact customer requirements are in accordance with company capabilities.

It is the responsibility of every employee to recognise these requirements and to ensure that personal standards meet these requirements. The main objective is fault free work first time every time with an end view of continuous improvement.

Quality Planning

Unless otherwise requested by the customer, all Generating Sets are manufactured to the standard Quality plan shown in Company Specifications.

Corrective and Preventative Action

The Quality Manager is responsible for identifying the root cause of problems identified by QA audits and inspection/test findings. This information is used for establishing corrective action to prevent the fault recurring.

Quality Records

The company retains and maintains all relevant documentation applicable to the build standard contractual requirement for each Generating Set produced.

Document Control

All documentation which is applicable to the build standard or customer requirement to the scope of supply is classified as being a “Controlled Document”. The company operates a system to amend all controlled documentation to prevent the use of out-dated data.

Management Review

The Managing Director and Quality Manager meet every six months to review the company trend towards the cost effectiveness of the QA system. The results of these documented meetings are then circulated to all departments and personnel with suggestions or mandates for improvement, to ensure an ongoing quality program.